Thursday, May 3, 2007

Finally made it to England... safe and sound

After weeks of anticipation, a number of going away parties and a few goodbyes I have made it to England. So for those of you who thought that I was never going to leave, I have in fact accepted a job in the UK and have made the move! That means that my weekly going away parties must end...

My flight was interesting to say the least. My parents and little bro and sis saw me off at the airport after a nice meal with my sisters family. My flight that was originally supposed to leave at 10:50pm from Hamilton didn't leave until about 1:30am. Once we got on the flight we all realized that they had combined two direct flights, one which was to go directly to Glasgow and one that was to head directly to London. Well we got on the flight and were told that the flight would go to London and then to Glasgow!! I've never seen such a large group of mad Scotsman!! There was yelling and screaming and carrying on which basically fell on deaf ears because our flight crew was Icelandic. Their english left a lot to be desired but these Icelandic ladies were not hard to look at so it made the flight slightly more bearable.

I arrived at Gatwick airport around 2pm in the afternoon local time where I was met by a good friend of the family. Bill and Hillary, or the Hillbillies as they are often referred to as were very welcoming and fed me well. It was a bit of a trade actually as they left today to head to Canada to visit my grandparents. They live in a town called Crawley which is quite nice. I went out for a little adventure on a purple raleigh bike to tour around the town. Among other things I saw a Lambourghini... a game of netball (much like basketball)... a few football matches (soccer of course)... and checked out a local golf course. Luckily the golf is about the same price as in Canada, £14 for a round so it is pretty reasonable.

I am now at the Stanschus household which is in Harwell (about an hour from London). BIG THANKS to Christine who drove about three hours round-trip to pick me up from Bill and Hill's. Her and her family have been kind enough to allow me to stay here for a little while until I get myself organized and find my own flat. They live in a beautiful house which is about 550 years old!!! I am starting work tomorrow and will be shadowing the current director of coaching for the next month as part of my training for this role. I found out today that my franchise visits will bring me not only around England but also to Ireland, Greece and Africa!

That brings you up to date... cheers to all my family and friends for all your support over the last few weeks and I look forward to seeing you all soon... when you come to visit me!

On a side note, I am going for blog of the year and in order to get this prestigious award I will need the support of you! Leave a message to let me know how you are doing, comment on my blog, or whatever else your heart desires... I think as of right now, Gilbert Arena's blog on is tops and I look forward to joining such an elite rank soon! (wait are there blog awards?) Oh and check out this article:



Kyle said...

Hey Ryan,
congrats on the move hope your loving everything over there and like your new job
it's too bad i didn't see you this past year when you were doing all the high school tours but oh well guess it's going to have to be a trip to england now
on a side note since when was university of sudbury prestigious? i must have missed that memo or did you write your introduction to the company

Jo said...

Hi Ryan:
Glad to hear all is going well. Good luck on your first day at the new job.
How did the kiddies like their gifts from you?
I know you are "boycotting" facebook, but if you sign up, it is a great way to see what the family is up to - lots of photos etc.
Look forward to chatting with you soon.
Lotsa luv

Jackie said...

Hello Ryan,
What an adventure you have started on, im both jealous and proud of you.
Have a pint in the pub for me :)
Love Aunt Jackie.
P.S. yes facebook, like your Mum said!!

Bakes said...

Kyle, good to hear from you... sorry I missed you in TO as well, you will have to make your way over to England for sure! You'll have a place to stay
Jo... whats uppppp... First day at the new job was good, did a lot of reading of manuals and what-have-you. They all loved their gifts and the Leafs jersey replaced the one that he just grew out of... facebook?? Nah!
Jackie... long time, hope all is well. Thanks for the well wishes... As for the pint in the pub, I am on my way out for one (or more) tonight... will be thinking of you!

Patriarch! said...

Ryan, how did you find the time to write, it seems you have been on the go nonstop since leaving Canada. The Hillbillies are safely esconsed in Canada, after a reasonably good mad scotsmen on board!!!! Liked the news item welcoming you to Little Kickers, sound like a very caring organisation, and should be an exciting time for you over the next few months....enjoy it. Will keep in touch, everyone sends their love. We are watching West Ham and Bolton tomorrow, Bill will be a nervous wreck!!! TTFN John

Bakes said...

Whats happenin' Grandad... take care of the Hillbillies in Canada, they took good care of me in Crawley! Enjoy your cruise and trip down south. Will be looking for a place to live soon and hopefully a football team as well...