Friday, May 11, 2007

Top 3's

Deals -
3) £0.99 Fosters twist promo at some Pub in London
2) £0.99 for 500g of shaved turkey... 2/3 off!
1) 20 pack of Budweiser for... wait for it... £7.49...
Sidenote: Lets break down this top deal... £7.49 my dear friends is about $16 CDN! Allow me to retype that... $16 CDN! I may end up paying an arm a leg, and my first born for rent over here, but you won't find a deal like that on beer in Canada! Cheers anyways...

Meals -
1) BBQ at Frank and Christines - Ribs, Pork, Hamburgers, Salad, Roasted Taters, Asparagus...
1) BBQ at Kate's - Lamb with allllll the fixins
1) The First Supper - Bill and Hill treated me to a fine meal on my first night!
Sidenote: I decided to sit on the rating fence on this one as each meal could have easily stood alone at the top of the list... High five to each host!

Embarassments -
3) Music Trivia - I didn't represent well at the music trivia night in Harwell... but I did step up to the plate and come through on a Sheryl Crow song!
2) Walking into the girls washroom at the local pub... this one was averted due to the fact there were no girls in the Loo at the time... and in my defense, everything is backwards in the UK!
1) Stick and Puck - Don't ever play hockey in figure skates... 'nuff said.
Sidenote: Honourable Mention to the time I went for a run with the dog and gave some kids the two finger salute! Apparently holding the middle and index fingers directly in the air is not considered a wave in the UK, actually its just like holding up just the middle finger back home... Ladies and Gentlemen, your new football coach for children under 5!

British Words -
3) rubbish... has a nicer ring than garbage and can be used in so many different ways... Could you bring the rubbish to the curb? What a rubbish football match... can you rubbish a little lotion onto my back??
2) loo... as in "Can you please point me in the direction of the loo? AKA - Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom...
1) cheers... what a feel good word... not to mention its easier to write or type than thank you... It flows off the tongue so eloquently...
Sidenote: mince = ground beef... frankfurter = hot dog... tube = subway... high street = main street... flat = apartment... motorway = highway... football = soccer... juicy bits = pulp...

Canadian sport through the eyes of the most popular radio station in England -
3) Oil wrestling
2) Pillow fighting
1) Man vs. Animal fighting
Sidenote: If I'm lying I'm dying, there was about a week of morning show radio outlining the top sports in Canada... They even played audio clips with commentary! It was riveting really. I can't wait to come home on vacation for a little game of pick up pillow fighting...

I have put off laundry for long enough... time to get my cleaning face on!

Time to make like a 747 at Gatwick and take off...

Stay classy Canada


Glady said...

Hi Sweetie,
Loved your posts,keep them coming.
Brings back lots of lovely memories. Remember, our discussion :)
You reap what you sow, so...sow straight rows :)
Love you.

Matt said...

Glad to see that a lot of the gmail requisites and century month items have made there way to the blog scene. Arenas has got nothing on this last blog. By the way I am not avoiding you like the plague or screening my international calls, I have legitimately not been home when you called. Love to stay and chat but I bought tickets for this afternoons COW championships(Canadian Oil Wrestling Championships) and I still have not made my signs. Don't worry I am going to boo the oil off of "Slippery" Stephanie Simpson for you. Too bad you couldn't make it back for it.

Bakes said...

Good to hear from you Aunt Glady. Hope all is well in Trenton!!
Matt, how did the COW championships go? I am desperately hoping it will catch on over here but the people here seem to be reluctant to buy into this Canadian phenomenon.

Jackie said...

Hello Hello, A Canadian in the UK needs an update!!!
Hows it going over there?