Saturday, May 5, 2007

First night at the Pub!

I just arrived home from my first night at the Pub. We had a trivia night which was mostly musically based... I did lousy and my fellow team did slightly better and got us 4th place out of 7. It was a great time with Christine, Frank and Anne... I had a Fosters, Kronenburg, and some Cider drink which was spot on!

I am a little sad that I will be missing the Raps game tonight but I am there in spirit and have full faith that they will win and then take the Nets at home! VC sucks, VC sucks...

This weekend I am getting my first golf game in and I am going to play Stick and Puck (unorganized hockey) with my good friend Lucas who is 6 years old and just starting to play the game. There is a BBQ on Sunday where we will be eating some mean lamb and maybe a few things going on in between.

Much love to all... Ry


Jo said...

Hi there:
Sorry about the phone mix up - I did try to phone you back a couple of times but got no answer.
We have Liam and Aiden here for the night. Liam is not feeling too well - he has a case of the "Devin's" !!
I hope you have a good time on the ice tomorrow with Lucas. Hopefully, you do ok on the figure skates.
I am so sorry I missed you - I will try again tomorrow - or you could buy a phone card, then you won't have to worry about the cost to Christine.
Luv ya lots

Anna-Lee said...

Hey Ryan,
My mum and I are both glad to hear everything has gone well so far. I too will miss your weekly going away parties. It was nice to tell my friends I actulally had plans, now I go back to being a loner:P. Too bad your not good with the music trivia, now youll just have to stick with the singing...which you are very good at especially that one song that was really high.... You and Matt got me into the basketball and so now Im bummed the Raptors lost, but I did watch on Tuesday for you guys, and I got them to win. Do you have an accent yet? Anyways I hope you have fun playing golf and hockey,and I hope you have a very happy birthday!!Lots of Love Anna-Lee

Hey Ryan it's yo mAMA!

Happy Birfday-with no th. I hope you have a great day, we went out to our trailer last night, had a campfire, the stars were all shining and its so dark that you can see them. I heard in London its hard to see the stars because of the light pollution. Hope you had a great golf game and had a good score. Do you have to hit on the opposite side in England????
Well we love you and will write again soon. Bye for now xoxoxo Francine. PS. just reading your mums comment, didn't realise you'd be playing hockey on ice i thought you meant like street hockey-should be fun. bye...

Bakes said...

HELLO JOJO, AL and FRAN... good to hear from you all! I hope Liam is feeling better, I wouldn't wish the Devin's on anyone! Cheers for the Maple Leafs hat, very sharp and for the cards. They all thought it was great that you got into the sing-a-long the other day...
Anna Lee and Frank, thanks for the Bday wishes... you are toooo kind! It was great to have you both around so much in my last few weeks... look forward to seeing you all when I am home again, maybe around Christmas. In the mean time I need to go sit in a bath of ice cubes to bring down the swelling brought on by my hockey match... Anna Lee I have so much respect for you now that I have tried skating with pretty red figure skates... Awww... never again...
Hope to hear from you all again soon... Love, Ryan