Thursday, April 26, 2007

DOD (Date of Departure) set for May 1st, 2007

If you have discovered this page (MY BLOG) you are likely aware of my situation! I am the latest employee of a company called 'Little Kickers' which is based in England... as the head of coaching. After careful consideration and weighing out all the pros and cons I have decided to move to Reading (just west of London) due to the fact that the commute from Hillsdale Canada would be time consuming and quite frankly a little bit pricey.

As of today (April 26th) I have booked my flight and received my working visa for the UK. Me being the thrifty (cheap) man that I am, I scored a direct flight from Hamilton to London for $242-.

I have yet to secure a place to live and hope to take care of this once I get to England and can actually take a good look around. That being said, those of you who are considering making a trip to England or anywhere else in Europe for that matter should let me know. For a small fee (a pint of lager at a local pub) I would be happy to put you up!!

The purpose of this blog is to keep my friends and family up to date on what I am doing... my transformation into a Canadian/Brit... my new job... my travels... and I guess whatever else I want to talk about!!

Check back and I will let you know how my first few days in England were.