Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beaten, Battered, Bruised... BUT... Victorious!

Rivelino City make a statement in their first league fixture of 2007 storming out of the gates with a 5-1 victory over Hyde Park Thursday. Rivelino arrived with but one substitute player to play 90 minutes under the heat of the London sun. The team settled in nicely after a bit of a shaky start. Sporting the long sleeve Brazilian yellow football jerseys they played a tactical game where the team made good decisions under pressure and finished the chances that were earned through hard work and determination. Rivelino would prove to be too much for a side from Hyde Park that showed their frustration on the pitch.

The two Canadians made an impact right away working along the left wing. Baker notched his first couple goals of the campaign while Kyle headed home a corner kick in the second half to give the away side a little more breathing room.

Baker had a little trouble walking after the game, as his one year hiatus from football may have had an effect! The left ankle, right knee, right and left hips, and inner thigh took the brunt of the abuse. Baker is hoping that six days of rest will suffice and all injuries will have healed in time for the home opener next Saturday.

Rivelino attendance was estimated at 2... Canadians Ashley and Shawntel made the journey just in time for kick off and were quoted as saying 'we wouldn't have missed it for the world'!!!

The Herne Hill Press - Sunday September 16, 2007


Greg Hoddinott said...

Awesome game recap...Haha

Jo said...

Love the newsy style of your latest blog. Of course, as your Mum, I love that my boy scored two goals! Way to show the locals that the Canadian boys can hold their own. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so battered and bruised. Just out of curiosity, just what do you do if you need medical attention??? Do you have any kind of coverage over there? In the meantime, ice, ice, advil, ice, ice, ibuprofen, ice, rest, and a bit of ice for good measure!

Jo said...

p.s. the colour of your strip looks very familiar - I do believe those are the Barrie Spirit colours too - am I right?

Anonymous said...

And a fine football match it was. Never have I seen sweat, teamwork and determination like that. I feel honoured that I made it just in time to see it. Don't worry Mrs. Baker... Ryan didn't take that football beating without putting up a fight first. You would of been mighty proud of your boy. Let's just hope he can keep up that game same goal scoring for tomorrows game.

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