Thursday, June 14, 2007

Okay peeps, time for an update!

I AM still alive, believe it or not... and I am still well!

I have had some requests to get writing on here a little more frequently as I have been a bit of a slacker as of late in this department... My mum has pretty much convinced me to join Facebook but until I actually sign up the boycott stands!!!

I have had my trial visitors stay here in Herne Hill London and must say that it was a resounding success. Rachel and Megan, thanks for making an appearance it was cool to see you both... I now know not to take my guests to the Fridge (Caribbean bar) in Brixton (slums). We have an extra room here and it is a good little set up.

Please check list below to see if your name appears:
List of visitors thus far in England:
Lauren Duhaime
Brigit Jessup
Megan Kenney
Rachel Smeding
Lois Dion

If your name does not appear here... what is the problem. Let us rectify this situation before it gets out of hand.

Update - Legoland was wicked! You would have to see this place to believe it. It is full of Dinosaurs, Dragons, Super Hero's, and many mini cities allll made out of Lego... quite fascinating I must say! The taster sessions went well and the children and parents seemed to all enjoy themselves.

My roomies are good fun and we have enjoyed some amazing weather recently by hosting the odd BBQ. We are in the process of setting up SKY for our phone, internet and tv so I should have a # to be reached at soon.

Went around and saw the sights of London with a couple friends the other day and then again with Lois upon her visit. Among other things we saw Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Chinatown or Soho, Chelsea FC stadium (Stamford Bridge), Big Ben, London Eye, Parliament buildings, Trafalgar Square... etc. etc. etc.

Now that I have been here for a little while I am going to try make a conscientious effort to take advantage of my surroundings and actually plan a weekend away. Has anybody got any suggestions??? Message me and tell me where I should go... I am thinking France initially, maybe the South of France, or maybe Germany... I don't know but I feel like I can't take for granted where I am and the vast possibilities for travel!

Yes you heard it hear first, Canada jumped to 56th in the world rankings in soccer which is close to the best we have ever been after wins in the Gold Cup over Haiti and Costa Rica (who were in the World Cup last year). Excellent lads! I am so proud... bring home the Cup and keep working your way up the ladder. Looking forward to the game on Saturday.

Wimbledon is fast approaching and I am calling for an upset of all upsets. Yup, Roger who is unbeatable at Wimbledon and on anything but clay is going to drop to Nadal... Nadal is in his head after beating him in the French Open and is confident and playing the best tennis of his life. Plus he is in the tune-up tourney in London while Roger is sitting out for rest. Nadal will roll in and win it.

How is Toronto FC doing?? I have seen that they are winning, I hear the games are a lot of fun live.

Props to the Ducks for raising the Cup, too bad about the CDN team going down but at least the Ducks are full o Canadian players. I think we scored 15 of the teams 16 goals in the finals alone! Too bad for the Ducks there will be no repeat as I am sure the Leafs are going for it next year. Even if I have to come out of retirement and will them to it, they WILL win the Cup next year. You heard it here first!

Will be celebrating with you in spirit on July 1st Canada!!




Pat Lafontaine said...

Felt bad you had no comments so here I am.

Your article was very wise and profound until you got deluded with your hopeless faith in the Leafs. Its ok kiddo.

Jo said...

Nice to see the blog back in action. Good boy for joining up with facebook.
Your hopeless faith in the leafs is, as you know, shared by your father.
byw for now - keep on writing!

Bakes said...

Thanks for the comments Pat and Mum!! Hopeless faith Pat? And who do you cheer for?? Whoever the LEafs are playing?? Okay buddy!
As my mum said I got it from my old man.
People keep telling me they read this thing but nobody comments... I need a clicker to see how many people come to the page!

L to the ois said...

Ryan, so glad to hear that you are having a blast out there!!!!Let me know if you run into Chef Ramsey