Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy 140th Canada!

Well it seems this weekend is full of celebrations... Not only did my nephews Liam and Aiden celebrate their 6th and 4th birthdays, Canada is also on the bill for a 140th bash. (They grow up so fast) I may be across the pond but we celebrate Canada day in style over here! Rocked it out in Trafalgar Square to Sam Roberts with a Moosehead and about 1000 of my closest Canadian friends.

Big up to my friends in Windsor, Martin, Erica, Laura and Jordan! Went for a visit the other day only to find out that among their neighbours are Elton John, Nick Faldo, and I think I am forgetting somebody... oh ya, the Queen!!! The long walk to the castle is about a pitching wedge (5 iron for most) from their front yard. Windsor is a beautiful city which is on the Thames. The castle highlights the city but there is also the most prestigious private school in England where the Princes were educated. Seeing the kids walking around all proper with their penguin suits really brought me back to my days at Elmvale District High School.

Oh by the way, I have confirmed a trip to Dublin for work! Going to do a Master Class for a couple new franchisee's so I get to meander over there for a couple days and hopefully see the sights!

Happy long weekend Canada... Cheers!

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Pat Lafontaine said...

Bah!! Wasn't I supposed to be going to Ireland with you? I'm really sorry I had to bail on that trip. I'm sure you'll have an incredible time (even though I won't be there).

Just do me a favour... tour the Guinness Brewery... learn from it... own it... and enjoy a perfect pint of stout that starts with an initial malt and caramel flavour and finishes with a dry roasted bitterness. Please think of me as you're enjoying the best draught beer served with a two-part pour at 6 degrees C.

Have a great time brother!!