Sunday, October 14, 2007

My new hobby...

I have taken up a new hobby since being in London... yup, I am the newest musical prodigy by way of the bongo and the classic egg shaped shaking device which was made famous in my Grade 1 music class with Mrs. Wilkinson. Mrs. Wilkinson, if you're out there, your enthusiasm for music and your egg shaking prowess have inspired me to pursue music.

I have never been known for having much of a sense of sound (or sense for that matter) or rhythm, but I plan on changing that! Since I have all but mastered the old bongo I feel I am ready for bigger and better things... I am looking to purchase my first guitar!! Rick Popiez, your lessons from when I was about 7 years old have finally sunk in. Once I make the big purchase I am going to work around the clock to learn some old classics such as Sarah McLaughlin's Angel, Tupac's Changes, and the timeless classic Material Girl by Madonna.

I have posted a pic of me and my first bout of busking along London's embankment. Oh and one with Sharpies guitar... please note the cigarette hanging out of the mouth for dramatic effect (plus I thought it made me look tough)... don't worry mum, I haven't taken up that 'filthy' habit ;)



Jo said...

I see that AP has made another appearance, so it looks like the rhyming game is back on!
So glad to hear,
you're choosing music over beer,
you with a smoke,
is rather a joke!

Oh man - that's it for me at the moment - I haven't had enough coffee to come up with anything better - I think I'll just phone you!

Pat Lafontaine said...

Hey Bakes...
Can't wait to hear your version of Madonna. I'm also picturing you signing and performing Like a Virgin for us!

And what about the piano?!? I spend hours teaching you compositions from some of the Masters you dump it for the bongo?

Maybe a better idea now that I think of it ;-)

Keep it up big guy.

Shawntel said...

Oh the I miss waking up to the sound of it in the morning..hahaha! I think you may have found your true love "the bongo"! The egg shaker is totally your love child!

Anonymous said...

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