Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dublin calling...

First off - Awesome to see you Nana Sherwood (and Dave)... great to have you in London Booty and Adam...

How's life?? This blog has been all about me! Sounds a little selfish doesn't it? Ryan is doing this... Ryan is going here... Ryan is blah blah blah... I'm kind of sick of 'reading my own print'! (so to speak)

Seriously though, whats happening with everybody else? Haven't heard from anybody in Elmvale for awhile... any good JFD stories or good gossip to pass on?? How about the family?? Everybody in Sudbury... Liaison folk... how are the Swedes... anybody got an exciting new job, hobby, pet, stuffed animal... (now I am really digging deep)

Either way, if you are reading this drop me a quick comment with a little something something... a little story, a good joke, a brief how ya doing!



PS - Dublin was great... highlight was the 800 year old mummies!


Jo said...

So, what's going on here eh? You want our stories. Be careful what you wish for! Today was a sad day for Lori's (my boss) family. We attended the funeral service for Lori's 48 year old sister who passed away on Sunday from cancer. She leaves behind her husband and three daughters, 20, 18 and 9. This was the kind of day that helps you put things in perspective - what is really important? who is really important? etc. I came home vowing to be more loving to my family and really enjoy what I have.
So, that is today's story, tomorrow it will likely have something to do with a dog or two.
Bye for now - love Mum

Bakes said...

Hey mum!
Good to hear from you despite the bad news. Must have been a difficult day at the service... I hope the family are coping well!